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What is the difference between a coupon and a voucher?

As people's shopping preferences have evolved, so have businesses' marketing strategies. Resources like vouchers and coupons are good examples of this evolution process. They have become more popular since most shopping activities today occur online. But, many people make the mistake of interchanging these two terms. This guide aims to shed light on this issue, as we are going to answer two prominent questions:

What is a Coupon?

First, a coupon is a ticket that shoppers can redeem for specific financial privileges. These include discounts or rebates when making a product purchase. Usually, manufacturers are responsible for issuing coupons as sales promotion measures. The two common coupon distribution methods include mail and the internet. A recent report by the U.S States Department of Agriculture (USDA) showed that four in five families use these coupons. Coupons also have an expiry date. You’ll have to use the coupon before a specific timeframe, although some retailers may accept coupons a day or two late. Paper coupons are common when shopping in physical stores. A paper coupon may include a code someone will scan to help redeem the code.

The Difference in Using Coupons vs. Vouchers

Both coupons and vouchers have differences. Both have expiry dates, and you must use them within a specific period. Here are the two differences involved in using these resources:

How to Use a Voucher?

You must access your voucher before making a purchase or trying to add value to your order. The voucher only applies to the service or brand that provided it for you. For instance, if you have a hotel voucher that you specifically received for any reason. You must visit the hotel and use the voucher to access these services. You will have to provide the voucher at reception or checkout to access the full privileges of the voucher. Another option can be using it to purchase items the hotel offers through a store or mobile application.

How to use a Coupon?

Coupons are available in two types. You can use them for either online or offline shopping functions. Each of these contexts requires you to provide evidence of the coupon before making the purchase.

You will receive a specific percentage off or discount on your final purchases. When shopping, add the items to your cart. The coupon will apply at the checkout section or page, where you can provide code details.

A voucher code often has a specific cash value and may only work after meeting certain requirements. The holder can redeem a voucher for particular items. A good example is a lunch voucher for $10. A coupon in marketing refers to a resource that reduces the amount a consumer will pay. However, they still have to pay for the item. Regardless, each of these resources still provides excellent ways to save funds.