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What is Coupon Stacking?

Coupon stacking refers to using several coupons for a single purchase. Shoppers can combine coupons for several nonidentical items in their carts using this stacking process.

It also allows shoppers to buy costly items alongside other regular essentials. Shoppers can also combine promo codes and coupons from various sources for discounts. Usually, coupon stacking is a complex process involving multiple regulations and perspectives. But this guide sheds light on all you should know about how it works.

Things to Consider in Coupon Stacking

Shoppers have been using in-store couponing techniques for several years. But the digital shopping area has introduced a new set of rules. Several websites have resources like algorithms in place to help store the use of more than a single code. But, you can still get great discounts when correctly using this approach. A good example is when a store item is available at a specific clearance price. The shopper can stack the manufacturer's coupon alongside the store coupon for a double dip discount. For example, you can stack sitewide discount voucher code with a free shipping code. Combining these stacking options on sale prices makes products affordable. In some cases, the shopper can even access the item for free.

Benefits of Coupon Stacking

There are various benefits of coupon stacking, which can include:

Saving Money

Saving money is an obvious advantage of using coupons. However, coupon stacking makes it easier to save money when you have several items to buy. There are some instances when the total items you purchase increase so you can make more savings. Even so, any couponing approach is beneficial because it cuts down your price.

Buy in Bulk for Less

Coupon stacking allows you to purchase several items at an affordable price. It's best to go for non-perishable items like clothing or pantry condiments. Stocking up can sometimes be a costly affair. But, stacking coupons with active sales offers makes saving easy in the long term.

Provides Retail Value

Shoppers can maximize costs by using the coupon stacking option. However, this also applies to retailers. Aside from coupons attracting new clients, it also helps improve brand awareness. It allows a brand to hit two birds with one stone per se. The brand can improve its status, and the consumers also get value.

Helps To Hedge Inflation Effects

Inflation is typical, which often means shoppers have to pay more for items than before. Coupons help ease the burden of inflation, allowing consumers to offset the rising prices of products. It also helps shoppers adhere to a specific budget, such as when shopping in bulk. Likewise, companies must also be keen on these trends to be aware of what their customers are looking for the most.

Examples of Coupon Stacking

We have a few simulated examples of coupon stacking here to help you put things into perspective:


Though Walgreens has coupons, most of them apply to photo items. Shoppers can stack coupons from this category with those in health and beauty products. The store lets shoppers stack coupons when they use the codes for varied items in different fields. An example is when a shopper uses a single coupon code of 25% for designer nail polish and 43% for arts and crafts supplies. But, one significant limitation is that users can’t stack items from the same category. Shoppers also have the option of using manufacturer coupons for purchases.


Michael's also allows shoppers to use couponing stacking methods. It works, provided you set a single coupon to any item you want to purchase. However, the company also recently mentioned that coupons from other firms were no longer applicable. Coupon stacking is a legitimate way of purchasing items at a discount. Remember to use resources like couponing websites and browser extensions for convenience. Even if it seems complex at first, you should soon find it easy to locate suitable coupons.